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For every sanitiser sold, another will be donated to refugees in Malaysia.

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Kills 99.99% Virus and Germs Instantly 
Soft on skin, but absolutely unforgiving on viruses and germs. 

70% Alcohol  
Formulated with Moisturisers to keep your skin soft and moisturised. 

Active Ingredient: Tea Tree Oil 
Formulated with tea tree oil from NSW, Australia. 

Formulated in Switzerland. Manufactured in Malaysia with imported ingredients. 


Refugees are defenceless against COVID-19.

"Lacking resources to prepare and protect against the COVID-19, low income individuals face a higher risk of contracting—and subsequently spreading—the virus." - TIME

Refugees, not having the means to get their hands on antiseptic supplies, and the condition that they live in, makes them much more vulnerable to COVID-19. Furthermore, it's tough for them to get adequate medical care once they conceive the virus. Purchase or Donate now to help them defend against COVID-19. 

Why are we doing this?

Septhus has always stood for a better tomorrow – one where humanity thrives. We believe that everyone in the world should have access to crucial hygiene supplies, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are sorry to hear from the news and NGOs on the lack of access to hygiene supplies issues faced by the PPR and refugee community. This would make them the most vulnerable group to the pandemic.

How it Works, and Your Impact

Our goal is to distribute a total of 10,000 bottles of sanitiser within the next 2 weeks.

To ensure our initiative and customers' donations are delivered to the right individuals/families, we have teamed up with #SerumInitiative.


*Updated daily at 12 a.m.

We are also working on a new page as well to include all our contributors.

  • YAW KB
  • Dato Chan Fei Loong
  • Surjit Singh
  • Goh Cheng Ean
  • Leslee Ng
  • Hazeline Hashim
  • Yap Pui Wan
  • Jacelyn Sim Bee Thin
  • Leon Liew
  • Wong Xi Rong
  • Hui Jia Chiu
  • Shi Min Wong
  • Megawati Dewa
  • Azura Razak
  • King Ng
  • Anita Apan
  • Farid Sapril Madeli
  • Desmond Yeoh
  • Fong Jun Jen
  • Philip Matau
  • Kar Xun Kham
  • Yap
  • Jade Chang
  • Jordan Lee
  • Alizah Mat Ali
  • Sarah, Su Yin Ngai
  • Ting Sie Hong
  • Alphonsus Sithem
  • Joseph Chong
  • Mohd Pahmy Abdullah
  • Hasan Zakaria
  • Chan Heng Hung
  • Chow Wei Ling
  • Winnie Kang
  • Junhao Chew
  • Ng
  • Mohd Izharudin Yahaya
  • Yan Yi Kam
  • Chia Jing Ying
  • Hui Shen Ooi
  • Caitlyn Wong
  • Suely Chow
  • Nik Wadhizalman Nik Ngah
  • Lee Kai Li
  • Xue Ying
  • Chloe Soh
  • Yen King Yew
  • Jason Low

Thank You!

It's a battle of humanity against this deadly virus. You can help the B40 and Orang Asli communities equipped with hygiene necessities by supporting this campaign.

Bersatu teguh bercerai roboh. For Malaysians, by Malaysians.

Stay well and safe,
Team Septhus.

Frequently Asked Question

About Septhus

#projectSepthus10k is our CSR social project. Septhus is founded to #defendtheworldagainstvirus, and the population that is most vulnerable to viruses infections do not have the means to purchase antiseptic supplies even though they need it.

The goal is simple: to create a financially sustainable model to donate and distribute as much antiseptic supplies to everyone in the world.